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Our Values

For over 40 years, Telluride Academy has been rooted in the belief that kids grow better outside and that the "outside" is for everyone! From our inception we have worked to create a community that is inclusive, emphatic, understanding and welcoming to all. We are guided by a belief that diversity is a fundamental element that enhances every facet of our program and provides both students and staff with the essential perspectives they need to thrive in an increasingly complex, multicultural and connected society. We have a lot to learn and a long ways to travel, but as with any adventure worth pursuing, we are committed to the journey and the the lessons that will be learned along the way. Through listening, honesty and productive conversations, we hope to perpetuate a culture of inclusion within the outdoor community and foster future ambassadors for a more just, equitable and diverse society. 


Fall Fundraising



Never before has the importance of our program been more relevant and never before has the support of our extended community been needed more. Please consider making a contribution to our "Pandemic Positive" campaign and help Telluride Academy break even in 2020! Your support ensures we remain an accessible and inclusive community for ALL students in the challenging times ahead! 

Contributions at or above our MEMBER level get you priority registration in 2021! TRUSTEE level contributions have early access to our limited 2021 "Custom Camps"


On Belay...

Summer is Sacred

We learned a lot about the true value of our programs, our staff and our role within the community this year! We were renewed by the gift of summer and the opportunity to spend every day outside! We safely ran over 60+ unique student programs and filled nearly 700 student spots! Our full time administrative team played an active and collaborative role in facilitating all aspects of our summer program. Working alongside our INCREDIBLE field instructors, we had a truly all-hands-on-deck approach to providing our reputable summer experience. 

Less is More

Our LOVE for our backyard and the countless magical spaces we have access to has never been greater! We consider ourselves so fortunate to have such unfettered opportunities to walk, bike and trek out our backdoor with students. Our 2020 summer was built around the concept of grassroots programming and we reconnected with the founding principals of our mission! We are now focused on building new relationships with regional land owners and land management agencies in preparation for our 2021 summer. 

Looking ahead

We are currently creating a 2021 summer program schedule that assumes we will continue to operate under certain restrictions and health guidelines. We will continue to update and enhance our Covid policies and protocols and remain connected to leaders within the medical and outdoor industry.  We will most likely have a delayed start to our registration season and will update families throughout the coming months. We do however, have our 2021 session schedule out! See below. 




  • February: Custom Camp Registration Begins for Trustees 
    (Become a Trustee HERE)

  • March 1st: Member Registration Begins
    (Become a Member HERE)

  • March 8th: Open Registration Begins

  • March 22nd: Open Custom Camp Registration (if available)

  • June 7th: Session One Begins

  • June 22nd: Session Two Begins

  • July 5th: Session Three Begins

  • July 19th: Session Four Begins

  • August 2nd: Session Five Begins

*It's a pandemic...write these down in pencil

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Telluride Academy Seeks Regional Land Access Partners 

Got Land?

As the popularity of the southwest increases, we are experiencing a major uptick in users to our usually quiet public lands. Our permitted overnight locations are becoming more crowded and harder to access. Factor in the challenges of limited transportation due to the pandemic and it quickly becomes apparent how important our land partnerships are! If you would consider granting Academy students access to your property in the summer months, we'd LOVE to hear from you! We don't need much...just some open space for tents and room to roam and explore! 

Land owner & property is listed as "additionally insured" under our extensive insurance policy. 

Land owners receive a tax deduction 

Learn more and get involved with a phone call or email!


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