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For the past 35 years, Telluride Academy has been in the business of creating memorable experiences for young people.  Our programs offer participants a unique opportunity to step outside their comfort level, meet new people and grow as individuals into landscapes that perhaps at the outset were unknown. We remove students from the familiar and place them in new, exciting and often times challenging environments.


At our core, our programs are designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles, as well as a deep appreciation and sense of stewardship for the natural places we explore. Success in these endeavors requires from our students a balance of commitment, courage and focus. With the increased presence of technology in our daily lives comes many amazing benefits as well as some unique challenges. Over the past several years the Academy has witnessed a significant rise in social disconnection amongst our students and attribute much of this to the overuse and “over-access” of electronic devices.


The presence of these devices, and the inherent temptation to use them, redirects and sometimes diminishes the focus of our students from the daily interactions, adventures or endeavors at hand. The use of these devices also creates barriers between both the potential of the individual to have a unique learning experience and their ability to make meaningful social connections with other students. “Academy Unplugged” is not an anti-technology campaign, rather, it is a renewed recognition of the type of connections we feel are important; connection to one’s self, to those around us and to the natural world. We feel strongly that the preservation of the wild places we love, as well as the wild spirit within us all, will continue to depend on our ability to put children and young adults in environments that allow them to learn, focus and reflect without the ever present enticement and distraction that digital communication provides.


Every day, we ask our students to embrace their fears when scaling rock walls, paddling river rapids and sleeping under the stars. We are now asking them for that same spirit of confidence and commitment to join us for a powerful and memorable "Academy Unplugged" experience.We are asking for Parent’s support in helping us carry out this initiative. Beginning this summer (2015), electronic devices will no longer be allowed on any Academy program. It is best that your child not bring a device with them at all, but if you feel they must have it for coordinating end-of-day pick-up, they are welcome to bring it with them, but will be asked to leave it in the “Unplugged Basket found in every classroom at the beginning of the day. It will be returned to them at the end of each day (or at the end of the week for trip camps). Academy Instructors carry cell phones with them at all times so they are able to communicate to the office (and us to them) and/or directly with Parents in the case of an emergency.


Thanks for your support!


academy goes "unplugged"

program director, luke brown

january, 2015