Dear Families,

We are so excited to welcome you all back to Telluride Academy this summer! I know we are all ready to immerse ourselves in the pursuit of outdoor explorations, engaging interactions with friends and to celebrate the rejuvenation that comes from the natural world!  We have been working hard since the end of our 2020 summer to strengthen our programming, increase our offerings and continue our commitment to student and community health. While our programs will continue to adapt to changing guidelines, restrictions and industry standards related to the management of Covid-19, we are encouraged by the resources and reflections we have collected over the past year. We learned a great deal about the power of our program in 2020 and witnessed first hand the benefits of authentic interactions and explorations. We plan to build on the successes of 2020 and the 40 summers that came before through continued collaboration and communication. We will continue to move forward cautiously but with optimism with the collective goal of providing our community with a summer of enriching and empowering experiences. 

Our Efforts

It is our goal to continue updating our policies and procedures in the coming months as we approach our first day of camp on June 7th. We are committed to maintaining transparency and consistent communication with our families as more information is known about potential restrictions and easements that will affect our student's experiences.  Our revised summer schedule is first and foremost driven by our commitment to preserving student, staff and community health and safety. Working within the guidelines established by the  San Miguel County Public Health Department, we continue to restructure the framework of our operations. Elements such as transportation, student overnights, campus access and mask requirements are all mandated by the state of Colorado and various health and child agencies. Current state guidelines for day programs and residential programs can be viewed by clicking the links above. We are currently planning on a variety of contingencies to accommodate the various realities that may exist for these components of our program. We also continue adhere to the guidance provided by the CDC, American Camp Association (ACA), the Colorado Camp Association (CCA) as well as state and county officials. 

Our Programs

Our 2021 summer schedule will be a hybrid of our more traditional summers and the severely reduced programming we offered in 2020. We are excited to see the return of numerous "specialty" programs as well as several classic "travel" programs that will offer our students a more immersive program experience. State guidelines have now been updated that will allow our students to be transported in 15 passenger vehicles at full capacity. Masks are required to be worn by all students and staff while riding in Academy vehicles. All of our programs, regardless of duration and student ages will continue enjoying extended exposure to the outdoors! We will continue to implement classic activities such as hiking, rock climbing and paddle sports into every program! We have drastically increased our overnight options and look forward to more extended time spent in our backyard and beyond! 

What to Expect

*The majority of Telluride Academy staff are fully vaccinated. 

*All families will be contacted by Academy administration prior to the start of each session via our Welcome Emails. These informative and updated emails are designed to ensure final paperwork has been reviewed and submitted, packing lists have been shared as well as to share our updated Covid protocols. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that arise from these informative emails. 


*Masks will be required at all INDOOR drop off and pick up locations by ALL students, parents and staff. Staff and students will also be required to wear masks while riding in Academy vehicles. 


*Daily student screenings will be administered until further notice. 


The Covid Camp Commitment 

Keeping both our Academy community and the larger Telluride community safe is of the utmost importance to us. We do not take this responsibility lightly and expect our staff, our students and our families to join us in this collaborative effort. The success of our summer will depend on all involved to recognize the part they play both at camp and at home in keeping our programs safe and sustainable. YOUR actions at home are just as important as OUR actions at camp! As we all begin to benefit from the acquisition of the elements of life that make us whole, we must also recognize the role we all play in protecting them. Thank you for making this a truly team effort! 

Our Promise

Your Role

*Please take the time to read our "A Healthy Camp Starts At Home" guide. 

*Familiarize yourself with our Pre-screening Protocols.

*Help us reduce exposure to medically vulnerable populations by disclosing ALL relevant health information for your child as well as for members of your household.


*Disclose ANY and ALL concerning signs and symptoms presented by your child or ANYONE in your household immediately.  

*Practice responsible off-campus behaviors such as social distancing and proper hygiene and recognizing that everyone's actions affect our ability to maintain programming.  

*That student and staff safety takes precedence ALWAYS

*That we adopt a "GO SLOW" approach to every decision we make this summer. 

*That we communicate with families throughout every step of the journey.

*That science and the advice of experts dictate our ability TO operate, HOW we operate and IF we operate. 

*That we RESPECT the process of recovery at both the community level & the family level and ensure that our administration and staff are approachable and sensitive to constantly changing realities.