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Our Values

For over 40 years, Telluride Academy has been rooted in the belief that kids grow better outside and that the "outside" is for everyone! From our inception we have worked to create a community that is inclusive, emphatic, understanding and welcoming to all. We are guided by a belief that diversity is a fundamental element that enhances every facet of our program and provides both students and staff with the essential perspectives they need to thrive in an increasingly complex, multicultural and connected society. We have a lot to learn and a long ways to travel, but as with any adventure worth pursuing, we are committed to the journey and the the lessons that will be learned along the way. Through listening, honesty and productive conversations, we hope to perpetuate a culture of inclusion within the outdoor community and foster future ambassadors for a more just, equitable and diverse society. 

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Know Before You Go

We are super excited to begin our summer explorations with our Academy family soon! As with any adventure, planning is a critical part of the process. We have been busy drafting updated policies and guidelines designed to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. Please take a moment to review our Covid Guidance as well as FAQ's in preparation to your arrival on our campus! We will be sending out Welcome emails to all parents the week prior to your session start date that will include our Covid Guidelines, medication forms, packing lists and more. 


A Healthy Camp

Families play a major role in maintaining the overall safety and health of our summer program. If you are travelling to Telluride for the summer, please consider getting tested 1 to 3 days prior to your program start date. We are working with local health providers to offer rapid tests to students and staff in the event of a suspected Covid case. For students in day programs that will return home each evening, please take into consideration your "off campus" time and interactions.

Learn more about our efforts and your role as parents HERE. 


Adapting To Change

We are so grateful that we were able to operate safely last summer and have taken away countless lessons that we are applying to this upcoming season. That being said, we are still anticipating obstacles and curveballs to our proposed agenda. If we learned anything from our 2020 summer, it is that staying positive and staying flexible are a collaborative effort and imperative in our operations. We are committed to being fully transparent and timely in our communications around any changes that may need to be made to your child's program. This includes changes required due to weather, confirmed Covid cases and constantly changing county and state health restrictions. 

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  • We are located in the Telluride High School / Middle School located at 725 W. Colorado Ave. You will find us at the west entrance near the roundabout! 

  • Drop-off is at 9am | Pick-up is at 5pm. 

  • Masks are required to be worn by students, staff and parents during indoor drop off and pick ups. Students and staff are also required to wear masks while riding on our 15-passenger vans. Should the CDHS and CDPHE make adjustments to these state issued mask requirements, we will update our own policy as needed

  • Masks are required to be worn by students, staff and parents during indoor drop off and pick ups. Students and staff are also required to wear masks while riding on our 15-passenger vans. Should the CDHS and CDPHE make adjustments to these state issued mask requiremnts, we will update our own policy as needed. 

  • If your child will be arriving with medication, please ensure you arrive with this Medication Administration form that is signed by a Health Care Provider. 

  • Detailed packing lists for both day and overnight excursions can be found in your welcome email as well as at the bottom of each program page. 


Membership Matters


Never before has the importance of our program been more relevant and never before has the support of our extended community been needed more. Please consider making a contribution to our "Pandemic Positive" campaign and help Telluride Academy continue its extensive outreach and support of local students! Your support ensures we remain an accessible and inclusive community for ALL students in the challenging times ahead! 

Contributions at or above our MEMBER - level get you priority registration in 2022!

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Telluride Academy Seeks Regional Land Access Partners 

Got Land?

As the popularity of the southwest increases, we are experiencing a major uptick in users to our usually quiet public lands. Our permitted overnight locations are becoming more crowded and harder to access. Factor in the challenges of limited transportation due to the pandemic and it quickly becomes apparent how important our land partnerships are! If you would consider granting Academy students access to your property in the summer months, we'd LOVE to hear from you! We don't need much...just some open space for tents and room to roam and explore! 

Land owner & property is listed as "additionally insured" under our extensive insurance policy. 

Land owners receive a tax deduction 

Learn more and get involved with a phone call or email!


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