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March, 2018

Nestled in the shadow of Sheep Mountain is the High Camp Hut and Telluride Academy’s new high alpine classroom and adventure base camp for 2018! Built by the Farny family and friends, the High Camp Hut is a cabin in located in the back country of the San Juan Mountains. The cabin sits on the edge of a high alpine meadow with views of Sheep Mountain and San Miguel Peak, and distant views of Wilson, Mt. Wilson, El Diente and Lizard Head Peak. You would be hard pressed to find a more scenic and inspiring location anywhere in the state of Colorado! Partnering with High Camp is an exciting endeavor as it allows students to enjoy a self-powered backcountry experience with a fairly manageable 2-mile trek from HWY 145 at Lizard Head pass. Once students reach the cabin, they will feel as though they are light years from civilization but will enjoy the comforts of a large and off-the-grid mountain retreat!

Telluride Academy programs have always utilized our incredible backyard and the living classroom that our favorite locations present. With High Camp we now have a living classroom that comfortably sleeps 16 people! Beginning in session 1.2, we will offer weekly programs that will venture into the wilds of the San Juan Wilderness as they trek to High Camp for several days of high-alpine education and exploration! Students that make the trek to this new “Campus in the Clouds” will be met by the Academy’s NEW High Camp Program Director, Matt Guertin. Matt was a full time Academy Field Instructor in 2017 and has most recently been involved in the logistics and management of the High Camp property, along with current owner, Cindy Farny. Matt brings an extensive wealth of know-how and passion for both outdoor education and the magic that exists at High Camp and we are beyond excited to bring these two worlds together and share Matt’s focused curriculum and energy with our students!


High Camp programs will involve a unique collection of specialists and experts in the field of outdoor education, wilderness medicine, survival skills, mountaineering and more! Depending on the focus of the program each week, students will learn how to cook incredible meals, pour over topographical maps, engage in watershed projects, participate in rescue scenarios and even make attempts at summiting Sheep Mountain! There is even a wood fired hot tub fed by natural runoff that the students can enjoy after a long day of adventuring!

We are excited about this new partnership with the Farny family and look forward to an incredible summer of high-alpine adventures and education!

Look for the following High Camp programs in our Summer at a Glance program schedule or by clicking the links below!

Session 1.2: ECO Trek (11-13)

Session 2.1: Alpine Academy (10-11)

Session 2.2: Peak Project (11-13)

Session 3.1: OLC: San Juan (13+) / Hut Hut Hike (8-9)

Session 3.2: Alpine Academy (10-11)

Session 4.1: Mountain Media (10-12)

Session 4.2: Alpine Academy (10-11)

Session 5.1: Music in the Mountains (9-11)

Session 5.2: Cabin Fever (10-11)