Adventure Fridays

Ages: 5 - 9

Fridays: July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd and July 30th

Tuition: $140 per Friday
Overnights: 0

Challenge Level:  

Whether you’re short on time or looking to add an extra day of play to your summer, our multi-sport Adventure Fridays are a great option for you. These one day expeditions are an exciting way to enjoy a balanced Academy experience. Days are a blend of Stand-Up Paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, swimming, alpine picnicking and local exploration! Our goal is to introduce you to new friends and new sports, to get you outside, get you moving and share our passion for ADVENTURE with you!! 

Fridays: 9AM - 5PM.

Pick-up and drop-off will be at the Academy's main entrance located on the west side of the high school.

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General Program Schedule: 
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