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After-School Programs

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Free Climbers After-School Climbing (K - 8th Grade)

     *Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Friday


Free Climbing: is a form of rock climbing in which the climber uses climbing equipment such as ropes and other means of climbing protection, but only to protect against injury during falls and not to assist progress. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday our after-school Free Climber Program is for ALL AGES, ALL LEVELS! Come get one more day on the sharp end at the climbing wall, located in the southeast wing of the Telluride Intermediate School!! Every week, during this introductory to advanced (all levels) climbing program, students will get more time to send their projects and review a wide variety of skills from the very basics to advanced technical skills with hardware and ropes as well as movement and strength training. Students will work closely with our Climbing Pros to advance their Sending Levels (Level 1: Recreational Climbing, Level 2: Development Squad, Level 3: Advanced Development Squad for High School Climbing Team preparedness) to better help each student achieve their personal goals in climbing. When weather permits, we will go outside to one of our favorite local bouldering or top-rope climbing sites for an afternoon of pure adrenaline as we get gripped on real rock!!

Rock Jocks After-School Climbing (K - 3rd Grade)



Join us Thursday after-school, at the climbing wall, located in the southeast wing of the Telluride Intermediate School!! Every week during this introductory climbing program, students will cover basic indoor climbing skills, such as: climbing terminology and communication, top-rope, and bouldering route completion, hold type identification, body movement, figure eight knot tying, top-rope belaying basics, and of course HAVE FUN! Every climbing session will end in an exciting climbing related group game! When weather permits, we will go outside to one of our favorite local bouldering or top-rope climbing sites for an afternoon of pure adrenaline as we get gripped on real rock!! 

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Monologue Masters (ages 12 - 16: Tuesdays & Thursdays)


Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays after-school for a monologue workshop! This will be a fun, in-depth look into the world of monologues. Whether working on a monologue for the first time, a competition, an audition, or just for fun, this class is for you! Students may bring a monologue to work on or chose one that will be provided in the class. We will work line-by-line on each monologue as a group and individually. Students will learn how to present each monologue to an audience through concentrated character work including voice, history of the character, how to move as the character and the feeling of each piece. We will also find time to play games and work on improvisational skills. This class will be led by Drama Education professional, Elizabeth Forsythe,  with guest appearances by Julie Pinson, a professional actor. 


Zoo Theater (ages 6-9): Tuesdays & Thursdays


RAWR! GRRR! RIBBIT! Join Ah Haa School for the Arts and Telluride Academy for a fun, collaborative zoo experience! Students will choose their favorite animals and will work on slowly transforming into those animal throughout this exciting theater and art program. Students will design and create papier-mâché animal props to start the class and practice theater and performance skills to truly emulate these furry, feathered and ferocious creatures. They will create masterpieces to help them look like their chosen animals, while also learning to move, sound and act like them! Through games, art and character work, students will gain confidence, creativity and courageousness. To close the program, there will be a showcase in the Black Box theater where families and friends are invited to witness Telluride's first zoo exhibit! Please join us for this untamed theatrical experience!