Atomic Adventures

Ages: 7 - 9

Dates: June 10 - 20

Tuition: $1,250
Overnights: 0

Challenge Level:  

Do you know why hydrogen is so reactive, or what makes metals conductive, or why the noble gasses are so noble? During this two-week “Atomic Adventure,” a specialist from the Pinhead Institute will guide us for an exploration of the periodic table. From Aluminum to Xenon we’ll discover what makes things colorful, explosive, bubbly, and delicious!  Activities will range from caramelizing sugars and making gummy worm polymers (yum!) to building Tellurium molecules and learning about rock composition. We’ll quickly discover that chemistry is everywhere! Friends and family can join us on our last day of camp for a fascinating finale!
General Program Schedule:

​Week 1: ​​
Monday - Thursday: No Overnight 


Week 2: 
​​Monday - Thursday: No Overnight


*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.



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Atomic Adventures
Atomic Adventures

This is a SAMPLE itinerary from a previous summer. Specific activities will vary from year to year.

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