Backcountry Basics

Ages: 11-13

Dates: June 26 - July 7

Tuition: $1,100
Overnights: 4

Challenge Level:  

Learn how to become a backcountry master! During this NEW field-based Academy course, students will build a solid foundation for future travels into the backcountry and beyond! Learn how to read topographical maps and plan a safe and stunning trekking route. Become familiar with mountain weather and how to travel safely in the alpine environments and practice procedures for emergency situations and responsible travel. Going beyond the basics, students will learn how to plan bomber backpacking menus and how to cook delicious meals and bake yummy desserts in the backcountry!! The first week, we will explore the beautiful areas of Ice Lakes Basin with an exciting double overnight backpacking trip. For the second week, we will create another scrumptious menu, splash around on stand-up paddle boards, and focus on our backcountry baking skills during a unique backcountry hut-trip. Participants in this field-based session will go well beyond the basics of life in the backcountry as they focus on creative recipes, creating their own cooking utensils, compiling a group recipe-book and participate in a grand-finale cook-off at their own backcountry cabin retreat!
General Program Schedule:

​Week 1: ​​
Monday - Thursday: Double Overnight on Tuesday 

Week 2: 
Monday - Friday: No Academy on July 4.
Double overnight on Wednesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

*Students are required to provide a backpack for this program. Packs can be rented with Paragon Sports by using the link above

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