Backcountry Boyz

Ages: 10 - 11

Dates: July 27 - 31 *This program ends on a Friday

Tuition: $690
Overnights: 3

Challenge Level:  

Do you like to build with sticks, get muddy, and have epic adventures in the backcountry? Instructors, Michael Kerr and Ian Bonick sure do! If you are seeking an entry-level San Juan backpacking experience with just the Boyz, then look no further! This summer, the Backcountry Boyz trip is going to explore a beautiful slice of Telluride’s backyard with nothing but the camaraderie of our friends and what we decide to bring on ours backs. First and foremost, this course is designed to teach sprouting young men how to have FUN in the backcountry. We are also going to talk about and demonstrate how to be kind-hearted and strong gentlemen! Based on the abilities of the group, we will aim to take on the challenge of some entry- level peak bagging. We love to explore and push physical and mental limits, so be prepared to “dig in” a little. We are stoked for the opportunity to impart our wisdom on how to explore the backcountry safely and comfortably, all while having FUN!

General Program Schedule: 

Monday - Friday: Triple overnight starting Tuesday


​*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

This is a NEW program!
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All participants will receive Telluride Academy backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads while participating in this program! Gear will be used by instructors to teach proper packing techniques on the first day and will go home with students the night before their overnight backpacking trips. We ask that you bring an empty duffel bag on the morning of your overnights so your child's gear can be taken home easily at the end of the program.