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 INCLUSION: ALL Participate ALL Belong

Inclusion within the Telluride Academy

It is the Academy's goal to serve every child that desires to experience our unique enrichment programming. Children with cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities are not only welcome but encouraged to participate. ​

The success of the Academy's inclusion efforts starts with open communication. When we have a clear understanding of a Student's needs we can then work to ensure we have the proper resources in place to serve that student, their peers and the instructors working with that group. Thanks to the support of Academy Trustees and Donors who have specifically requested that their financial support be earmarked for Inclusion for all; one-on-one "Buddies" can be provided to lend a little extra help to make each Student's Academy experience a success. In most cases this can be provided at no extra cost to the family.

If you have questions about our Inclusion efforts or have a child with a disability that is interested in participating in Academy programming please contact our office at info@tellurideacademy.org or (970) 728-5311.