CLIMBING      PE:        7 +

Ages: 7+
5 Tuesday & 5 Thursday Afternoons During Ski PE $250
Tuition Assistance is available (see below)

Join Telluride Academy's Climbing Crew for a fun and physical alternative to SKI-PE.

Every week, during this introductory to advanced climbing program, students will cover a wide variety of skills from the very basics to advanced technical skills with hardware and ropes as well as movement and strength training to become the ultimate “send” master! Students will be broken into Levels (Level 1: Recreational Climbing, Level 2: Development Squad, Level 3: Advanced Development Squad for High School Climbing Team preparedness) in this program in order to better help each student achieve their personal goals in climbing.


Note: Please send your child daily with plenty of snacks, a water bottle, and closed toed tennis shoes.


Day 1: Welcome, Orientation and Rules, Stretch/Warm up, Team Building, Basic Commands, Free Climb

Day 2: Commands, Stretch/Warm up, Climbing Lingo, Types of Hand Holds, Getting to the top, Free Climb.

Day 3: Lingo and Hand holds, Stretch/Warm up, figure 8 Knot, Climbing Technique – footwork , Free Climb

Day 4: Review Footwork, technique and figure 8 knot, Stretch/Warm up, Free Climb routes to the top

Day 5: Stretch/warm up, Project a Top Rope Routes or Bouldering Route, Free climb 5 easy routes

Day 6: Stretch/warm up, Top Rope Belaying 101, Free Climb

Day 7: Stretch/warm up, Continue Top Rope Belaying 101, Project a Hard Route, Free Climb

Day 8: Gym rules, safety and commands, Set personal goals, Stretch/warm up, Team Building, Free Climb

Day 9: Stretch/warm up, Top Rope Belaying, Partner belay, Project difficult route and Free Climb

Day 10: Stretch/warm up, Dynamic vs Static Movement, Project 2 difficult bouldering routes, Free climb


If you are applying for tuition assistance from the School District or Telluride Academy please use the code PP16 when registering. This code will charge you nothing now and allow us time to calculate what you will owe after your tuition assistance is applied. Registering now will hold your spot! Call Telluride Academy @ 728-5311 with any questions and/or if you need asssitance.