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Telluride Academy:  Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct should be read and understood by each participant and a parent or legal guardian (hereafter collectively “parent”) of a minor participant (those under 18 yrs. of age; hereafter “minor” or “child”) and must be signed by adult participant or parent of a minor.  If you have any questions regarding this Telluride Academy (hereafter “TA”) Code of Conduct, please contact our office at 970-728-5311.

Parents:  Please review and discuss this Code of Conduct with your child. 

Our mission is to "Inspire children and teens through experiential education that promotes physical activity, creative learning, environmental stewardship, responsibility to others and positive life choices."  In order for TA to meet these goals, and, importantly, for risk management and safety reasons, it is critical that all participants and parents of minors understand and comply with our Code of Conduct. 

Participants must:

  • Arrive on time.  Guardian agrees to pick up the participant on time.  If participant is sick or unable to attend, participant and/or guardian agree to notify TA immediately.

  • Display tolerance, patience, respect and compassion towards fellow participants and leaders.

  • Be willing to participate cooperatively in a group community.

  • Be welcoming to all participants and avoid conduct or friendships that leave others out!

  • Contribute to a positive learning environment by displaying a good attitude and respecting TA’s Code of Conduct.  Each participant has the right to be respected and to participate in a positive learning environment.

  • Obey and respect authority figures (such as TA leaders or other staff).

  • Understand that during both supervised and unsupervised activities, all participants share in the responsibility for their own well-being, and the well-being of the group.

  • Leave all electronic devices at home (with some exceptions for designated programs).


Participants must not:

  • Engage in offensive or dangerous behavior or bullying, abuse or harassment in any form – whether physical or emotional, and whether expressed verbally or in writing, images or conduct, including fighting, violence, or threats. 

  • Engage in the unlawful or unauthorized possession, distribution and/or use of any prescription or non-prescription drugs.

  • Possess, distribute and/or use any alcohol, tobacco or tobacco-like products.

  • Carry or use a weapon, a weapon like object or a firearm.

  • Engage in theft or vandalism, including intentional destruction of property.

  • Engage in inappropriate physical contact or sexual activities with other person/s or sexually harass another person.

  • Be in the presence of someone involved in a violation of this Code of Conduct and not report it.


If a participant chooses to ignore behavioral expectations, or for any other reason, staff may, in their discretion, contact the parent, excuse the participant from the activities until he/she agrees to behave, and/or dismiss the participant from the program (see below).

Adult participant and parent must:

  • Support and respect the behavior expectations, outlined above.


  • Honestly and accurately disclose requested information, including regarding participant’s health/ medical condition. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information or misleading or false statements can create serious risks to the participant or others and is likely to result in TA rescinding registration acceptance (if the program has not yet begun) or dismissing participant from the program.


  • PARENTS:  TA endeavors to build a close, trusting and respectful community while your children are with us.  An important part of that is our participant orientation.  During this time, we review this Code of Conduct and discuss participant Empowerment.  Among other issues, we talk (age appropriately) about the critical importance of ‘Touch, Talk and Territory’ – to assist participants in understanding that they have rights for themselves and responsibilities towards other participants.  We expect you to talk with your children as well - before program start - about these important issues. 


As outlined in the Registration Terms & Conditions, TA reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the program if a staff member believes, in his/her discretion, a participant presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts him or herself in a manner detrimental to the program. Conduct that TA considers detrimental to the program and that can result in dismissal includes, but is not limited to a violation of this Code of Conduct.


Also Note:    

Participants may have free and/or independent unsupervised time before, during and after the start of activities and at various other times.  Unsupervised time may include free or independent time alone or with others and/or time spent with home-stay families. Participants will not be directly supervised or watched during night-time sleeping hours, whether in a hostel, hotel, homestay, tent or other accommodation.