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Adventure Art

Ages: 9 - 11
Dates: August 1 - 4
Tuition: $740
Overnights: 1

Challenge Level:  

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What better way to inspire your inner Picasso than by creating art influenced by the stunning beauty of the outdoors? Allow nature to stimulate your creative brain as you split your days between epic outdoor escapades and unique, awe-inducing art projects. Adventure Artists will spend their days scaling rock faces, paddling crystal clear alpine lakes and adventuring to beautiful waterfalls. They will take the energy built from these activities and channel it into incredible art creations using our primitive tools from the land and water. During our overnight, we will spend an evening under the stars drawing, painting and creating our “grand finale” group art project. When we head home, we will host an art show for our friends and family to show off our alpine masterpieces. Let the natural world inspire you as you spend a week exploring the hidden wonders of the San Juans, learning new art techniques and creating a lifelong passion for the world of art, imagination and adventure.

General Program Schedule:

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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Adventure Art
Adventure Art

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