SUP Surfers

Ages: 11 - 14

Dates: Friday, July 16th

Tuition: $200
Overnights: 0

Challenge Level:  

'Sup Surfers?! Are you ready to ride the waves and surf the rapids? This Friday program will teach you all you need to know about river running! We'll captain our own SOL Paddle Boards and duckies at the Montrose Water Park where we'll learn water safety, practice our balance, challenge ourselves and conquer our fears. We'll rip through the park's swift rapids, play "board games," learn surfing techniques and laugh ourselves off our boats and into the water. You'll leave this program with new skills, new confidence, and a new passion for the river!
General Program Schedule:


This is a Friday Program

*River trips are dependent on water levels, weather and ability  

and are subject to change

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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