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Wild Wild West

Ages: 6 - 8
Dates: July 11 - 14
Tuition: $800
Overnights: 1

Challenge Level:  

Have you ever wanted your very own time machine for adventures that  take you to places in the past? Well here is your chance to do just that! Join the our Wild Wild West program for a week of antique adventures that will take you deep into the days of Telluride’s mysterious, magical and sometimes turbulent past. Students will learn about a magical valley that was once free from buildings and was the summer hunting grounds for the Ute tribe. We’ll witness the arrival of Spanish explorers and waves of fortune seeking men and woman lured by visions of gold and silver. We’ll be eyewitnesses to the arrival of the train and the immigrants that it brought from places across the planet. We’ll watch as a rowdy mining camp known as Columbia transforms into modern day Telluride and meet the long line of outlaws, bandits, cowboys and crazies that made up a once bustling population of nearly 5,000 souls! All of these escapades back in time will involve gold panning, museum visits, and mining and local history tours. Join us as we travel back in time to a world of absolute fun and frenzy!
General Program Schedule:

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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