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Earth Force

Ages: 10 - 11

Dates: June 21 - 24

Tuition: $700
Overnights: 1

Challenge Level:  

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Deep in our very own backyard lies an entire world of life that many of us have never even dreamed of. The Telluride region is host to a massive number of diverse ecosystems that keep our tiny box canyon and San Miguel community alive. What’s out there? Find out! Telluride Academy is excited to partner with Sheep Mountain Alliance on this NEW program to reveal to our students the diverse plant and animal lifeforms that exist in our very own valley. We’ll discover species we’ve never seen and learn about the importance of preserving them. We’ll visit different geological wonders and emerge with a newfound understanding of how our environment works. On Thursday, parents are invited on a guided hike with the kids, Sheep Mountain Alliance and Telluride Academy instructors for an outdoor, educational experience. Earth needs our help, and through education and appreciation, our youngest generation can be the force that keeps it healthy and safe! Earth Force… unite!

General Program Schedule:
This is a NEW program!

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday night

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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