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Telluride Academy staff are the Heart and Soul of our organization! They are the creative engines behind every interaction, experience and outcome we strive to achieve with our students. They are educators, guides and adventurers of the highest order and the architects of Telluride Academy's highly reputable outdoor and enrichment programs. Our team of instructors, specialists and interns represent a diverse collection of passionate individuals that come together to contribute to a high energy and dynamic youth program that explores the southwest and beyond. Our success relies on collective collaboration, problem solving and a TON of enthusiasm! We believe in working hard and playing harder and that a good day on the job is one filled with equal parts discovery and dirt. If you are an expert at finding the perfect balance between silliness and safety, free play and focused instruction , then we would LOVE to meet you!

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Field Instructors

Telluride Academy is now hiring summer Field Instructors. Strong candidates must possess sound and responsible decision making skills, have previous experience working with groups of children, as well as strong organizational skills to handle weekly student field reports, program logistics, instructor evaluations and activity budgets. Successful applicants are flexible, motivated individuals that have an affinity for creativity and spending significant time outside! Instructor responsibilities include ensuring a safe, engaging and educational experience for groups of students ranging in ages from 5-17.  The majority of Academy programs occur in the Telluride region of the San Juan Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest. During a typical two-week Telluride Academy program, two co-instructors (male and female) will share responsibility for a maximum of 13 students. Programs typically run from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday with overnight campouts each Wednesday.  First year Academy instructors will typically run programs that cater towards our younger participants and will visit locations that are located within the Telluride region.  However, we try to create an experience for all of our staff that involves interactions with a range of ages and activities. Types of activities that instructors may facilitate include; field games, overnight camping, day hiking, ecological exploration, mountain biking, swimming, inflatable kayaking, SUPing, outdoor cooking, arts and crafts, rock climbing and backpacking. Additionally, all staff are expected to practice and teach environmental stewardship principles as well as leadership and teambuilding initiatives to groups of students. Within the structure of established itineraries and program descriptions, Academy instructors are given the freedom and flexibility to shape, plan and implement daily programming – a unique and successful key to the Academy’s long-standing success. Potential instructors must pass a criminal background check, as well as a safe driving check and be available for our annual pre-season staff training held in late May each summer.*Must be 21 years old

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Early Childhood Instructors
Telluride Academy is looking for creative and energetic individuals to instruct our Early Childhood (EC) enrichment programs. These programs are designed for our youngest participants and provide great employment opportunities for individuals interested in early childhood development. Students will range in ages between five and eight years old. Each program is designed for different groups, skill levels and interests that are a great introduction to the rivers, lakes, mesas and mountains within the Telluride region.  Activities may include rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, SUPing, arts and crafts, hiking, field games and campouts. Instructor responsibilities include ensuring a safe, engaging and educational experience for groups of young students in and around the Telluride region and San Juan Mountains. Additionally, all staff in this position must use positive behavior reinforcement and developmentally appropriate guidance techniques to encourage a positive environment. Staff must possess strong organizational skills to handle weekly student field reports, program logistics, instructor evaluations and activity budgets.  A high level of patience, motivation and creativity is required for this position! During a typical two-week program, two co-instructors (male and female) will share responsibility for a maximum of 13 students. Programs typically run from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with some programs having an overnight campout during the first and/or second Wednesday. Within the structure of established itineraries, Academy instructors are given the flexibility to shape daily programming – a unique and successful key to the Academy’s long-standing success. *Must be 21 years old

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Boating Director

Telluride Academy’s Boating Director (BD) is responsible for facilitating a safe and educational boating program for Academy students. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with the Program Director to hire an appropriate Assistant Boating Director and additional safety boaters when the Academy’s programming schedule should require additional staff.

  • Creating an organizational boating curriculum and criteria that will be taught to all Academy instructors during the Academy’s annual staff training.

  • Becoming familiar with ALL Academy boating locations (flat water and moving water) and acting as a point of contact for site mangers and Academy Field Instructors when applicable.

  • Overseeing all moving water experiences and acquire and manage the appropriate additional staff to safely facilitate such activities.

  • Facilitating the Academy’s flat water boating, if desired, when it does not conflict with a moving water experience.

  • Coordinating with specific programs and program staff to facilitate daily boating activities and logistics. The BD will work with the Program Director to create a boating schedule that accommodates all upcoming programs. Once programming has begun, the BD will facilitate, instruct and participate with Academy students in a variety of flat water, moving water and dry-land workshops.

  • Carrying (at all times) the Academy’s river permits and be the primary steward of the permits, including submitting timely and accurate usage logs for post use reporting.

  • Managing trip/weekly budgets set by the Finance Director and given a company credit card.

  • Maintaining boating gear inventory as well as working with the Program Director to order new and improved gear when needed.

  • Collaborating with Program Director to revise Telluride Academy’s Boating Policies and Procedures as needed. This is to include emergency procedures and site specific resources as they pertain to an emergency.

  • Maintaining an accurate record and submit a physical copy of all Academy expenses and receipts at the end of every river trip or end of session.

  • Ensuring that adequate boating gear inventory, equipment check-in and storage occurs at the end of the Academy’s programming week and the summer season. This includes the regular maintenance and cleanliness of all trailers and vehicles specifically used by the boating program staff (ie. Academy Suburban and F350).

Qualifications Include:
*Must have a current (or willingness to obtain) Nationally Recognized Swift Water Certification and River Rescue Technician Certification.

* Must have WFR certification (or higher), and CPR/AED.

* Technical Resume listing river sections/class, river miles and roles.

* Must pass a Federal Background Check

* Must display a clean driving record

* Ability to drive a 15 passenger van and a large trailer

* Must be physically capable of rigging and de-rigging river trips.


Telluride Academy Interns play a vital role in the success of our summer season. Interns will participate in our annual staff training in June with our entire Field Staff. Interns will then spend the summer season working in a variety of different arenas that make up the Academy's day to day operations. These are, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Assisting our Field Instructors on daily and overnight adventures in such activities as hiking, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, field experiments, art projects and overnight campouts. 2. Assisting with students with special needs in the field. 3. Coordinating parent arrivals and student check-in. 4. Office administration duties such as on-line registrations, answering phone calls, data entry and uploading program photos. 5. Gear administration and repair, vehicle logs, patrolling parent parking during student drop off and pickup and handling program shuttles. 6. Working with the administrative team to plan and implement summer fundraising events and parties. The Telluride Academy provides a fun, casual, creative and engaging work environment. Our staff are expected to be professional and outgoing communicators that can be proactive in general problem solving and work well in a team. Interns should be comfortable working with a variety of aged youth in numerous non-traditional environments as well as familiar with general computer programs. Interested applicants must be  18 yrs or older and are mature self-starters that display initiative and drive and have an appreciation for creating fun and positive experiences for others. *Must be 18 years old


 Reach out to Sophie, our Program Director, at or 970-728-5311x3 with any questions.

About the Academy

Telluride Academy, based in the heart of the rugged San Juan Mountains, is one of the largest and most unique outdoor youth organizations in Colorado. Each summer, Telluride Academy, a 39-year-old non-profit organization, welcomes over 900 students who participate in more than 100 diverse programs. Telluride Academy offers programs that introduce children to the beauty of the natural world.  Through exploration and play, we strive to inspire imaginations and instill an awareness and appreciation for the outdoors.  Our curriculum encompasses specialized activities that focus on adventure education, art, ecology, science, mountain sports, performing arts, and regional and international travel.

Core values and goals

  • Enrichment through experiential education

  • Inclusion of children and teens from all socioeconomic backgrounds and for those with special needs

  • Respect and recognition of the unique individual

  • Responsible environmental stewardship


  • Insanely fun, creative, and willing to be an active and engaging role-model

  • Organized, dependable and professional

  • Knowledge and enthusiasm for outdoor/experiential education

  • Significant prior experience working with youth

  • Ability to be present and "cell phone" free while at work

  • Current WFA and CPR certification (or ability to obtain with the Academy or independently). Excludes Interns.

  • Must pass a criminal and driving background check 

  • Must be at least 21 yrs of age (Interns must be 18 yrs of age)

We Offer

  • Rewarding experiences working with youth

  • Competitive wages and pay increases for certain certifications and qualifications

  • Access to our pre-summer Wilderness First Aid/ Wilderness First Responder training

  • Paid staff training

  • Beautiful mountain town setting

  • Staff events and pro deals

  • Established and experienced staff members