Engine Creek Llamas

Ages: 11 - 13

Dates: August 6 - 10 *5 day program

Tuition: $
Overnights: 4

Challenge Level:  

The Academy’s long standing Llama Trekking program gets an elevated addition in Lime Creek Llamas! NEW in 2017, this llama-assisted trekking adventure will take you deep into the San Juan Mountains as you traverse the legendary Colorado Trial (CT). After an introduction from our llama guides and a demonstration on panniers and packing, we’ll load up our own packs and those of our furry friends and head into a world of wildflowers and waterfalls, crystal clear alpine lakes and mesmerizing mountain tops. After a few days of traversing the CT from Molas Lake to Lime Creek, over the pass into Cascade Creek and a night spent under the majestic Grizzly Peak, we will kick back and enjoy a high-alpine layover day. From the comforts of our backcountry base camp we will attempt a peak summit, pass through fields of wildflowers, create delicious meals and participate in the annual Llama Olympics! Our final trek will take us to Coal Bank pass under the shadow of Engineer Mountain where our shuttle will be waiting for our arrival. After llama hugs and high fives, we’ll journey home with a stop at the hot springs for a rewarding and memory-filled soak.
Specialist: Redwood Llamas
Program Schedule: *Subject to change
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Day 1
Introductions, pack checks and menu plan. Head to Silverton Base Camp. 
Day 2
Llamas arrive! Learn pannier packing techniques and llama-etiquette. The first day is a 6-mile hike from Little Molas Lake TH to Lime Creek along the Colorado Trail (elevation gain 850 ft.).

Day 3
The second day is another hike along the Colorado Trail over the pass to Cascade Creek Basin under the majestic Grizzly Peak
(elevation gain 750 ft. and elevation loss 500ft.)

Day 4
Layover day!Lazy morning with wonderful day hikes around the basin or along the Colorado Trail...or the day can be spent just relaxing in camp!

Day 5
The last day is the hike out to Coal Bank Pass, passing through gorgeous wildflowers under the magnificent Engineer Mountain 7 miles
(elevation loss 800 ft.)


*Students are required to provide a backpack for this program. Packs can be rented with Paragon Sports by using the link on the right

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