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Our "Expedition Academy" programs are three or more overnights and travel further than our traditional overnight programs. These programs take place in the back country, deep into the south west, or even in other states. Some of these programs might meet at an off-campus location, such as Town Park, Trout Lake or Illium Valley. Students enrolled in "Expedition Academy" programs will receive special, limited edition t-shirts!


"Expedition Academy" programs require significant buy-in from our students to ensure a positive experience. Please ensure your student is willing and able to participate in the advertised activities. Before signing your student up for the program, please consider if this is an experience they are excited about! Many of these programs will challenge them in new ways. With the support of our talented instructors, these challenges will allow students to gain independence, grow confidence and acquire new knowledge to continue outdoor excursions into the future! If your student has never been away from home for more than a night or two, we recommend signing them up for a traditional "overnight" program first! Feel free to reach out to Sophie Fabrizio, our Program Director, with any questions about the programs and their challenge levels.

Contact Information: 

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Any students who attends one or more "Expedition Academy" programs is eligible for our NOLS partnership program in 2023!

July 16- 29, 2023 (not including travel)

14-day ALASKA backpacking expedition

Ages 15+

Led by world-renowned NOLS wilderness instructors

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