• We are located in the Telluride High School / Middle School at the west entrance (near the roundabout). 725 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435
  • Drop off is at 9AM each day. Pick up is at 5 PM (unless otherwise noted). Families will check in at our outdoor welcome desk where students will receive t-shirts, room assignments, complete missing paperwork and receive health screening. 
  •  A detailed daily itinerary will be provided to you on your first day of camp!
  •  Students are transported in 15 passenger Vans.
  •  We are not 'Nut Free.' 
  •  Parents are responsible for lunches each day. (except after one or more overnights)
  •  Packing lists for day and overnight programs can be found in your Welcome email as well as on each program page. 
    There is a Code of Conduct.
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When and where do I drop off my child? Unless otherwise noted drop-off is at 9am. Pick up is 5pm. ​Our summer campus is location at the Telluride High School which is at the round-about just as you enter town on the west end of the building at 725 West Colorado Avenue. A list of programs and classrooms is always posted at our registration desk.
How Students are transported each day? Most Academy programs travel the region in 15-passengers vans. We lease the very newest models each summer and follow guidelines advised by the National Transit Safety Board to increase safety. In compliance with Colorado law, all of our students wear safety belts at all times, children that weigh less than 40 pounds use forward-facing car seats and 5-year-olds over 40 pounds use booster seats. Our instructors receive detailed training on van operation and must be at least 21 years of age and pass a background check to verify a clean driving record in order to drive vehicles.
Telluride Academy is not 'Nut Free'.  Please tell us about any and all allergies your child has during the registration process. This information helps us provide your child with the most positive experience. Although the Academy is not a nut-free campus most meals are eaten outdoors and as long as your child’s instructor knows about a severe allergy, a plan can be put in place to ensure a healthy environment for everyone.  
​How do meals work? We ask that you send your child to their program each day with a healthy lunch, adequate snacks and a full water bottle. We discourage single use plastic and ask that you help us teach your children how best to “leave-no-trace” by packing his or her lunch and snacks in re-usable containers that they can bring home and reuse every day.
​What Gear should I pack for my child each day? Packing lists can be found on each Program Description Page, and are also included as an attachment in your Confirmation Email after completing your registration. As a general rule however, children should arrive each day with a backpack filled with what they need for a day of outdoor exploration. Rain jacket, wool or synthetic warm top, sun hat, pair of shoes for water (chacos, tevas etc.), bathing suit, small towel, water bottle or camel back, sunscreen & insect repellent and most importantly a healthy lunch and a healthy snack. We discourage single use plastic and ask that you help us teach your children how best to “leave-no-trace” by packing his or her lunch and snacks in re-usable containers that they can bring home and reuse every day.
​What should my child wear every day? Dress your child for varying conditions. It could be sunny and very warm or very rainy and very cold. We spend time outdoors! What your child wears and packs each day is a major component to their overall experience at the Academy. Children should arrive dressed in comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes and comfortable athletic clothing. A baseball cap and/or sun hat should be worn or packed in their backpack (see below). Sunglasses on a leash (croakie) is a good idea too.
​What to Expect: Each group of 12 students is assigned two instructors (typically a male and female Team), a 15-passenger van for exploring the region and a classroom where they spend the first and last half-hour of their day. Most programs run from Monday through Thursday (9 - 5) with overnights on Wednesday. You will receive a detailed itinerary on the first day of your child’s program. Program activities are listed in each program description on our website and in some cases, detailed itineraries are also provided in advance.
Instructors are carefully hand-picked from a large and qualified applicant pool. Their average age is 27. Most of our Instructors have worked at the Academy for over 3-years, many for over 5 and a few over 15. Instructors maintain minimum certifications of Wilderness First Aid and CPR. All have a passion for teaching young people, possess skills appropriate to the job, have passed an FBI criminal background check and undergo intensive staff training annually.
Medical protocol: Safety is our first priority. We take care in hiring and training our staff and choosing recommended outfitters who value safety. Although our excellent 30+year record reflects our commitment to safety, there is always risk inherent with outdoor activities. In case of an emergency, instructors are trained to first seek medical attention and contact a staff administrator who will in turn contact parents to discuss the best plan of action for a child. The Academy’s Medical Advisor is Dr. Peter Hackett. It is imperative that you carefully fill out your medical information for your child to let us know about any special needs, medical issues, fears or past experiences that will help us assist your child in an emergency.
Telluride – It’s a High Altitude Place: Telluride is located at 8,750 feet above sea level. While visiting there is a chance you or your child may experience the symptoms of High Altitude Sickness, Symptoms can include headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping and dizziness.
Can my child opt out of the overnight or the second week of their program? Nearly all of our students participate in a camping overnight. We understand that there might be some apprehension regarding overnights, but we feel strongly that this is a very empowering time for children; they have a great time and gain a new sense of independence. It's also important to the group dynamic of each program that all students attend the overnight - one child is very much missed. The most important preparation for the overnight is support and encouragement at home. Our instructors are also prepared to help make this very special night a safe, relaxing and fun experience.
Do you use Outfitters? Instruction in some specialized activities is sometimes performed by subcontracted professionals. Professional Outfitters provide expertise, equipment, permits and the extra supervision needed for more individualized instruction in these activities. Many of these contractors will require a separate release form that requires a parent signature prior to the start of a program. Visit our 'Specialist' page to learn more about the Outfitters we use!​
Should I send my child to camp with a cell phone? The Academy has a 'No Electronic Device' policy for campers. This is an opportunity for students to leave screens and other distractions and enter adventure and the outdoors.
Should I tip my child's Instructor? Tips are greatly appreciated by Instructors. If your child had a wonderful time at camp, we invite you to show your appreciation through various forms of 'thanks' including gift cards, thank you cards and any other way you feel you'd like to acknowledge their hard work.