Four Corners Conquest

Ages: 11 - 13

Dates: July 23 - August 3

Tuition: $2,380
Overnights: 12

Challenge Level:  

Explore the mystic of the Southwest and beyond. Join us, as we head deep into the Four Corners Region, integrating epic river adventures with cultural immersion and ancient folklore into a two week long journey you won’t soon forget. First, our road trip will take us into the Navajo Nation. Here, we will visit some of the world’s most captivating monuments and archeological ruins. Together we will embark on an adventure deep into Canyon de Chelly, meet local families who live in the canyon, and participate in a hands-on service learning project. Next, we will backpack into an ancient hidden pueblo at Navajo National Monument. Here, we will explore the ruins of those who dwelled there thousands of years ago and camp among the stories and legends passed on for generations. Next, we will pick up and head towards the Four Corners National Monument. After hopping back and forth from state-to-state for a group photo op and complete our final service project, we will yet again hit the road for more exploration on the rio! Our journey will conclude with a multi-day backcountry river trip down the scenic San Juan River in southern Utah. For several days, the river will be our classroom and home with Grand Canyon Youth. We will learn paddling techniques, how to read rivers, take side hikes up canyons and to petroglyphs, swim in deep eddies, and cooking delicious meals at our beach-side base camps. We will end our time together with a final night at the Valley of the Gods to marvel at the stars above and reminisce on our Four Corners Conquest!
*Students must provide their own backpacking packs for this program
Program Itinerary *subject to change
This is a NEW Program! 

Day 1: Pack up and head south! Tour at Ute Mtn Tribal Park 

Day 2-3: 4 Corners Natl Monument and Volunteer Project TBD

Day 4: Volunteer AM; camping at Mitten View

Campground in Monument Valley 

Day 5: Explore Monument Valley and Orientation at Keet Seel;

Camping at Canyon View Campground in Navajo Natl Monument 

Day 6: Backpack into Keet Seel 

Day 7: Explore and Hike out of Keet Seel; Camping at Cottonwood Campground in Chinley, A

Day 8: Backpack into Canyon De Chelly; Spend night in Canyon volunteering with local family 

Day 9: Leave Canyon De Chelly; Camp at Sand Island in Bluff 

Day 10: Launch the San Juan with GCY

Day 11: On Rio with GCY

Day 12: Take off Rio at Mexican Hat; Camping at Valley of the Gods 

Day 13: Drive Home!!

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*Students are required to supply themselves with a backpack for their backcountry overnights. Packs can be rented or purchased using the link above.

*River trips are dependent on water levels, weather and ability and are subject to change