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Happy Horses

Ages: 9 - 11
Dates: July 18 - 28 
Tuition: $2,000
Overnights: 3

Challenge Level:  

Have you ever wanted to learn the language of a horse? Join Telluride Academy on this two-week equestrian adventure with Grace Reigns, Lone Eagle Ranch and Circle K Ranch! Wranglers will spend their first couple days with their boots on the ground, learning about horse behavior and personality before getting into the saddle. Students will then gradually work their way through the process and technique of riding horses, moving from the arena to the trail. This unique program will emphasize rider and horse relationships, focus, balance, leadership and skill development. You’ll even spend your overnights at different ranches where you will immerse yourself into the equestrian culture! The Happy Horses program is great for new and seasoned riders alike, and gives students the opportunity to really dive into the world of these beautiful, smart, elegant creatures!
*All participants must wear cowboy boots to work with the horses.
General Program Schedule:

Week 1: ​​
Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday

Week 2:

Monday - Thursday: Double overnight starting Tuesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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This is a NEW program!
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