Ages: 13 - 15

Dates: June 25 - July 5

Tuition: $1,780
Overnights: 10

Challenge Level:  

Registration for this program opens Feb. 15th
Small Heading
This is a classic Academy adventure program full of cultural experiences and natural wonders! The Havasupai people are a Native American tribe that has inhabited the Grand Canyon region for over 800 years. “Havasupai” translates to “People of Blue-Green Water” and after your journey into this magical oasis in the desert you will understand why. On our way through northern Arizona, we'll spend a few nights camping, swimming and sliding in the red rock oasis of Slide Rock State Park! This is the perfect landscape for warm-up hikes and refreshing swims in the Arizona heat and will allow us to gain the skills and confidence for our upcoming trek into Havasupai! After a layover day on historic Route 66 and a road trip onto the Havasupai Reservation we'll embark on our hike into the canyon depths where we will be assisted by local pack mules who will carry some of our group gear. Along the way, we'll pass the Village of Supai, the tribal center for the Havasupai Tribe. Once we arrive at the canyons’ lush campground, we'll swim, rope swing, float and relax in this truly remarkable canyon paradise. We will trek downstream daily towards the Colorado River in an attempt to swim beneath the massive waterfalls that cascade throughout this canyon. Each afternoon we will return to our shaded base camp for delicious canyon cuisine and to recharge for the next day’s escapades. This is adventure travel at its best!
Program Itinerary: 
*Actual Schedule will be announced in March.
Sample Schedule* 
Day 1: Drive to Sedona, AZ. Camp
Day 2: Swim at Slide Rock State Park. Camp
Day 3: Drive to the Grand Canyon, Camp at the South Rim
Day 4: Hike in Grand Canyon!
Day 5: Drive to Flagstaff and stock up for Havasupai. Camp near Flagstaff
Day 6: Drive to Grand Canyon Caverns, camp and re-pack for hike into Havasupai.
Day 7: Drive to trailhead (early morning) hike into Havasupai Reservation.
Day 8-9: Hang out, Swim and explore the turquoise waterfalls!
Day 10: Wake up early morning and hike out of Havasupai. Camp in Flagstaff
Day 11: Drive home to Telluride!
*Students are required to supply themselves with a backpack for their backcountry overnights. Packs can be rented or purchased using the link on the right. 
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