Llama Land

Ages: 10 - 11

Dates: June 11 - 21

Tuition: $1,920
Overnights: 6

Challenge Level:  

Get your “Llama On” with Llama Land! Hidden out amongst the windy ranges of western Colorado rests an obscure and unknown ranch that is home to a furry band of brethren and curious collection of camelids, that is known by locals as “Llama Land”! This popular Academy Animal Adventure flips the script on our traditional Llama programs and begins with students travelling to the llamas. The llama experts from Redwood Llamas will be our hosts and guides as we spend three nights learning more about these fascinating and ancient creatures as well as the ancient people that once inhabited this place. NEW this year, there will be BABY llamas at the ranch! Additionally, there will be daily excursions across the expansive ranch with the llamas leading the way as we search for ancient artifacts from the Anasazi culture. We’ll leave the ranch for a day-trip to Hovenweep National Monument where we will hike to towering stone castles and antiquated ruins left behind by this mysterious civilization.

Our second week will be a triple overnight, llama-assisted backpacking trip into up the Bear Creek trail in the Lizard Head Wilderness. This introductory trekking course will get young backpackers paired up with these gentle giants where they will learn to care for their new furry friends who will in turn help carry the heavier camping gear and teach them how to safely travel in the backcountry. Llama Trekkers will learn wilderness skills as they hike among the scenic valleys, open meadows and mountain-top vistas and spend two nights at a cozy base camp perched perfectly for fun day hikes and pack-free exploring. 

General Program Schedule: 
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Week 1: ​​
Monday - Friday: Triple Overnight
starting on Tuesday


Week 2: ​​
Monday - Thursday: Triple Overnight

starting on Monday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

Llama Land
Llama Land
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*NEW! All participants will receive Telluride Academy backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads while participating in this program! Gear will be used by instructors to teach proper packing techniques on the first day and will go home with students the night before their overnight backpacking trips. We ask that you bring an empty duffel bag on the morning of your overnights so your child's gear can be taken home easily at the end of the program.