"This is my 3rd MBI trip and my 3rd host family...I love them and am forever grateful for the experience they helped to give me.  Other trips have opened my eyes to the world, but this one opened my heart."​

-Emma MBI Ethiopia

Oh the places you'll go...


'93: Slovakia

'94: Costa Rica

'95: Bahamas

'96: Brazil

'97: New Zealand

'98: Ireland

'99: Bahamas

'00: Bali

'01: Guatemala

'02: Mexico

'04: Vietnam

'05: Ireland

'06: Turkey

'07: Nicaragua

'08: N. India

'09: Ethiopia

'10: Vietnam

'11: Chile

'12: Turkey

Mudd Butts International

MBI has a rich and tenured past that is steeped in adventure. Every April for the last 19 years, Telluride Academy has taken a group of teenagers interested in theater, music, dance, visual arts and cross-cultural immersion to exotic locations across the globe. This unique teen diplomacy program has traveled around the world, under the leadership of a talented team of theater professionals and outdoor educators. Participants in MBI gain an enlightening experience into a new culture, community and way of life through close collaborations with local schools, theaters and community centers. Our students are welcomed in a way that is hard to achieve if you are traveling as a tourist. MBI students are paired together with another American student before being welcomed into a gracious host family within the host community. These home-stay experiences have proven to be truly transformative. Students develop self-confidence, communication skills and natural leadership abilities through their daily contribution and interactions within their host family. Students are enriched with memories that give them an appreciation for the beauty of everyday rituals and the richness of cultural diversity. After a few days of getting to know the host country and community, students settle into an active and exciting routine. American and host students meet several hours a day to work on an original bi-lingual theater piece under the direction of theater specialists Sally Davis and Kim Epiphano. Students interested in set and prop design may choose to work alongside other local students under the direction of MBI’s Prop master Mike Stasiuk.Each day is rounded out with outdoor adventures to geographical marvels, excursions to cultural landmarks, historical outings, strolls through local markets and participation in community events. The program culminates with richly textured performances infused with dance, music, props, costumes, storytelling with the added zing of a cross-cultural troupe. MBI students return home from this life changing experience with new friendships, an elevated awareness of their creative potential and a sense of “neighborhood” that reaches across the planet.
Specialist: Sally Davis, Kim Epiphano, Mike Stasiuk, Wendy Brooks, Luke Brown