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Mountain Masters Unos

Ages: 9 - 11

Dates: August 9 - 12

Tuition: $680

Challenge Level:  

“Mountain Masters Unos” is based on our popular Mountain Masters program, but in a convenient one-week format. With a strong focus on outdoor exploration, fun and respect for nature, “Mountain Masters” will spend their week embracing the rivers, lakes, meadows and mesas that surround our community. This program will fit a vast array of activities such as rock climbing, paddle boarding, hiking and alpine exploration into four fun-filled, adventure packed days. What makes this program so special is the DOUBLE overnight component!! For many of our students, this will be a new experience that will take them away from home and into the great outdoors for a more extended period of time. The double overnight adventure will allow students to dig deeper into their connection with the outside world and truly embrace the beauty and power of the environment around us. Mountain Masters Unos takes TA to the next level!

Weekly Program Schedule:

Weekly Schedule:

Monday- Thursday, double overnight starting Tuesday


*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first day of the program. Schedule subject to change.


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Mountain Masters Unos
Mountain Masters Unos

This is a SAMPLE itinerary. Activities will vary.

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