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Mudd Butt Mystery Theater Troupe

Ages: 10 - 13

Dates: July 8 - August 3 *4 week program

Tuition: $2,650
Overnights: 0

Challenge Level:  

The Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre Troupe - named for its fun initiation ceremony up Cornet Creek- is back for the 33rd year of extraordinary theater in Telluride. This four-week theater arts experience includes acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, improvisation, drumming and the creation of spectacular props and costumes. There are a multitude of reasons that this popular program has gone on for 32 years…students find hidden talents, make lifelong friends and have an empowering theatrical experience. Days will be a blend of indoor workshops and rehearsals, outdoor adventures and site specific theater experiments that will tap into students’ creativity, self-confidence and personal voices as they bond and become part of the newest Mudd Butt tribe. The collective project will culminate in a weekend performance run at the Michael D. Palm Theater. Join us for our 33rd year of journeying into the magical theater realm!                      
Speciailists: Sally Davis, Kim Epifano, Mike Stasiuk
General Weekly Schedule:
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"We are celebrating the 33rd and final year of the Mudd Butt Mystery Theater Troupe. Many years of performance magic in Telluride and 25 international trips have deeply changed and enriched our lives. None of it would have been possible without the Telluride Academy, all of the amazing students, families and community both in the US and abroad. This is not a goodbye but an evolution. In 2020 be on the lookout for shorter creative workshops focusing on theater, dance, music and improvisation with some of the Mudd Butt team."

                                                                                            - Sally Davis, Kim Epifano and Mike Stasiuk


Mondays - Thursdays: 
Daily activities and rehearsals. 9:30 am - 4:00 pm



Daily Activities and Rehearsals. 9:30 am - 12:30 pm​

Note: Friday, July 26th will end at 2:00 pm

Our production will be announced this Spring!

Shows will be Thursday August 1st, Friday, August 2nd &

Saturday, August 3rd 


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