Welcome New Academy Staff!​

Please follow the steps below in order to finalize the hiring process and get you "Field Ready". Below is a link to Jot Form, please use this to upload all of your information. Please DO NOT upload incomplete forms! One submission per instructor please! 


You may visit the Academy office for assistance and access to a scanner or a computer if you need it. 



Dates to remember:

May 26-27: New staff training

May 27: Medical Administration Training. All new staff AND return staff who have not taken this training must attend.

May 28-29: All-staff training with overnight adventure!

May 31-June 1: WFA

May 31-June 4: WFR training
June 2: CPR training (included in WFA and WFR courses)

June 5: All-staff training day

#1: Stay Organized!

Print the pre-summer checklist here!

#2: Background Check

  • All Staff must pass a National Background Check.  To complete the Check, please complete the IdentiGo fingerprinting process. See directions below: ​​

    • Instructions: click here if you are a Colorado Resident, and click here if you are a non-Colorado resident.

  • Please see below information for your reference:



          P.O. BOX 2255

          TELLURIDE, CO 81435

          IdentiGo  Service Code: 25YJ15

          OR Colorado Fingerprinting Unique ID: 1100DCLI

          Agency Code:


          Childcare License Number:


You must submit your fingerprinting by May 1st.  No exceptions. 


All child care workers in the state of Colorado are required to complete a Standard Precautions Training every year. This free online training will take about an hour and a half.


  • Using Google Chrome, click this link to register in the Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System.

  • Under "Trainer & Trainer Support", click the green "Get Item+" box.

  • On the next screen, click the green "Sign-In-or-Register" button, and continue to "Register Now!"

  • When creating your account, sections 1-3 will ask you personal questions. Sections 4 and 5 will be in regards to your employment. Use the following information to answer the questions in sections 4 and 5:

    • Section 4: Current Employment

      • Employer Type: School Age Program

      • Country: San Miguel

      • School Age Program: San Miguel School Age (Before & After) & Camp Program

    • Section 5:

      • Professional Role Category: School Age Professional

      • Professional Role: School Age Professional

  • Follow online instructions to complete the course.

  • Download completion certificate and upload to Jotform.

Standard Precautions Cert.jpg

#4 Complete FEMA Training

All child care workers in the state of Colorado are required to  complete a FEMA "Multihazard Planning for Childcare" training every year. This free online training will take about one hour.


  • Click this link to begin the training. Complete all 5 training modules.

  • After completing the final lesson, opt to take the exam. You will be brought to a new site.

  • Click "Take the Exam." On the next page you'll need to create a FEMA SID number. Click "Follow these steps to register one."

  • On the next page, click "How do I obtain my FEMA SID?" and follow the directions.

  • Create FEMA SID and log in to take the exam. Once exam is completed, upload completion certificate to jotform.

#5 Complete Jotform

The following documents will need to be printed, signed and scanned to your computer so you can upload them to the Jotform. Please visit the Telluride Academy office if you need access to a printer and/or scanner. The Jotform can not be completed unless you have all your documents uploaded. Please review the form and make sure you have everything you need!

Sign completed front page only

Academy Terms and Conditions

Risk and Release

CDHS Background


Sign and Date

Direct Deposit (highly recommended)

Skills Assesment
Highlight your experience level with listed activites

Staff Handbook
Sign and Date

#6: Staff Handbook & Field Guide

All staff MUST Read the 2020 Staff Handbook carefully! This document outlines all Academy policies, procedures as well as the expectations of all Field Instructors.  The Handbook is also a great place to familiarize yourself with how we structure and staff Academy programs. The 2020 TA Field Guide is a condensed version of the TA Handbook and is an essential component of your field kits!! This guide offers quick reference information about topics such as Emergency contact numbers,  Lightening procedures, Evacuations and more


  • Both documents MUST be read and reviewed prior to entering the field with students. Above is a 2020 Staff Handbook Contract that needs to be signed and filed for ALL staff prior to the start of summer.


  • We recommend that you either print off a version of this handbook or download them to your smart phone. You MUST carry one of these documents with you at all times this summer!


  • There are also numerous addendum found on the 'Staff Resources' page that outline useful options that are available to you throughout the summer.

#7: Camper Code of Conduct

  • All staff MUST read the TA Camper Code of Conduct. This document outlines the expectation Telluride Academy holds for it's students. Instructors should be familiar with these expectations and communicate with admin staff if any child is not adhering to it.

  • We recommend printing this document and keeping it with you during camp. This can be a useful reference when students are not behaving.

  • This document can serve as a guideline when creating "Camp Contracts" with student groups on Monday mornings.

#8: Itinerary Planning Project

  • All New staff need to plan a themed two-week program using the Blank Itinerary Template provided here.  We have also provided two Sample Itinerary documents as well to help guide your planning. 













  • Create a unique name and a theme for your program. When planning please consider an age range (5-6, 7-8 or 9-11) and create activities suitable for your chosen age. Think about timing, flow and overall program objectives. What do you hope your students will walk away with? Please include at a minimum one hike, one day of rock climbing and one day of flat water duckying. Use real locations whenever possible that are appropriate for your age range. (This will require some homework)

  • See Staff Resources page for helpful information!

  • Please bring to the new staff training for our Program Planning workshop. 


Sample #1

Blank Itinerary

Sample #2

#9: Celebrate, Breath, Buy Yourself A Beer Because You're Done!!