Ages: 13+

Dates: July 23 - July 30 *8 Day Program

Tuition: $1,380
Overnights: 7

Challenge Level:  

Penitente Rockin' Highline

Highlining: is the sport of slacklining performed at a height above 20 feet and performed with protective equipment used in rock climbing (helmets, harnesses, slings, etc.) Highlines have been done between trees to rock columns over a thousand feet up. This exhilarating sport draws in thousands of thrillseekers who dream of "walking the line" in iconic places and gaps around the world. 
Join us on this NEW Academy Adventure inspired by Academy Instructor,  and rock climbing and highlining extraordinaire: Josh Bailey, AMGA certified. Over the course of eight days, we will swing from giant trees, learn to "walk the line", rappel, climb, raft and more! This action packed trip is designed for those who love to defy gravity! Our journey will take us from Dolores and Durango , and then down into Penitente Canyon where our rock climbing clinic will begin. Here you will take your indoor gym climbing skills out onto REAL ROCK! We will learn a progression of skills (belaying, rappelling, mock leading and cleaning anchors) necessary for every person who dreams of making climbing their lifetime sport! When we aren't climbing or highlining, we will be cooling of in rivers, rafting and even 'surf the dunes' at Great Sand Dunes Nat'l Park. Grab your climbing shoes and your sense of Adventure.. this is one journey you won't want to miss!
Program Itinerary *subject to change
Day 1: Intros and Menu Planning. Drive to Boggy Draw for highlining 101.  
Day 2: More playing in the trees! Giant Tree Swing, Tyrol, Tree Climb and continue our Highline Skills. 

Day 3: Break down the ropes and head to Durango!

Days 4: Raft the Animas Rio! Drive to Penitente Canyon.
Days 5-6: Climb Penitente Canyon!

Day 7: Explore Great Sand Dunes Nat'l Park and Sand SURF!!
Day 8: Drive back to Telluride!

*River trips are dependent on water levels, weather and ability  

and are subject to change

This is a NEW Program! 
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