Ages: 11 - 13

Dates: June 13 - 23

Tuition: $1,650
Overnights: 10

Challenge Level:  

This is the Academy’s “wildest” adventure yet! This Colorado road trip will put animal lovers face-to-face with creatures of both land and sky. Our first stop will be the wolf sanctuary of Mission Wolf. Located in the San Luis Valley, their mission is to educate people about these extraordinary animals.  We'll meet the wolves up close and personal, tour the wolves’ home and participate in a service project to gain more insight into the world of these truly magical creatures.  Nights will find us falling asleep under the stars, listening to our new friends’ howl at the moon! Next, we are off to meet our feathered friends and the fierce aerial hunters at the Nature and Raptor Center in Pueblo, Colorado. We will get up close and personal with these beautiful birds and gain a unique insight to the predatory adaptations that make them the fierce hunters they are. In the spirit of celebrating the “wildness” that these animals represent, we will participate in a bird release on our final day at the center. There will also be plenty of time for us to get WILD as we surf the sand dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park and raft the Arkansas River. Join this educational adventure across our great state to meet some truly wild creatures!

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Daily Itinerary: *Subject to change
Day One

Meet n Greet. Menu plan. Load up vans and drive to Great Sand Dunes National Park 
Day Two

Surfing the Sand Dunes!     
Day Three
Drive to Mission Wolf Sanctuary. Meet the Wolves! 
Day Four
Working at the sancturay and howling at the moon!
Day Five
Final morning at the Sanctuary. Drive to Lake Pueblo State Park. 
Day Six
Meet the specialists and birds of prey at the Nature and Raptor Center
Day Seven
Binging on Birds! Service project for Nature Center. SUP'ing @ Lake Pueblo
Day Eight
Final service project at Nature Center
Day Nine
Visit the Pueblo Zoo and work with specialists on unique service learning project.         
Day Ten
Hit the road and the river! Arkansas rafting adventure and final Predator 'n' Prey campout!

Day Eleven

Head hoooooooooome!!!