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Ranch Hands

Ages: 7 - 9

Dates:  August 12 - 15

Tuition: $550
Overnights: 1

Challenge Level:  

Get down and dirty on various Western Colorado Ranches! You’ll spend your days “rustlin’ and a hustlin” above and around Telluride on several mesas where we’ll visit working ranches and local farms. You’ll tend to vegetable gardens, learn about horses, help feed pigs, chicken and sheep. We'll learn what it takes to be a Colorado Farmer in this hands-on adventure! For our overnight, we will visit our friends at Schmid Ranch and make a farm-to-table style dinner with some fresh local ingredients plucked straight from the land. Get ready to get your hands dirty, this is one ranch adventure you won't soon forget!
*Participants must wear Cowboy boots (On Tuesday) to work with the horses at Old Sawmill Ranch
General Program Schedule:

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

Click below to view sample itinerary
Ranch Hands
Ranch Hands

This is a SAMPLE itinerary from a previous summer. Specific activities will vary from year to year.

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