Welcome Back Instructors!​

We are beyond honored that you are returning to share your passion and energy with Academy kids this summer!


This year you will use a NEW Jot Form, to upload all of your information. You may visit the Academy office for assistance and access to a scanner or a computer if you need it. 

Dates to remember: 

May 28 - 29: New staff training

May 30 - 31: All staff training with overnight adventure!

June 2 - 3: WFA 8:30 AM / Telluride Fire House

June 2 - 6: WFR training
June 4th: CPR training @ 8:30 AM / Telluride Fire House (included in WFA and WFR courses)

June 5th: Gear check out
June 7th: Overflow gear check out, half-day staff training and Staff / Board Mixer. Time and Location TBA

June 8th: Optional Staff Adventure Day: MTB, Climbing, etc.

#1: Stay Organized!

Print the pre-summer checklist here!

#2: Staff Bio and Photo 

  • Please write up a one paragraph bio about yourself. You can see examples of staff bios by clicking on the 'Our Team' tab located in the main menu of the Academy's website.  Upload bio to jotform (link below).

  • Please include a photograph of yourself as a .pdf 

#3: Certifications and Licences

  • Please upload scanned or photographed copies of the following documents (front and back) to jotform

  • Current and Valid Drivers License /​ Social Security Card​

  • Any current medical, technical or teaching certifications  

#4: Staff Handbook & Field Guide

  • All staff MUST Read the 2019 Staff Handbook carefully! This document outlines all Academy policies, procedures as well as the expectations of all Field Instructors.  The Handbook is also a great place to familiarize yourself with how we structure and staff Academy programs. The 2019 TA Field Guide is a condensed version of the TA Handbook and is an essential component of your field kits!! This guide offers quick reference information about topics such as Emergency contact numbers,  Lightening procedures, Evacuations and more


  • Both documents MUST be read and reviewed prior to entering the field with students. Below is a 2019 Staff Handbook Contract that needs to be signed and filed for ALL staff prior to the start of summer.


  • We recommend that you either print off a version of this handbook or download them to your smart phone. You MUST carry one of these documents with you at all times this summer!


  • There are also numerous addendum found on the 'Staff Resources' page that outline useful options that are available to you throughout the summer.

#5: Forms, Forms, Forms (please complete these and upload to Jotform)

Sign completed front page only

Academy Waiver

Sign and Date

CDHS Background
Please complete starting at 2nd paragraph and sign 

Sign and Date

Skills Assessment
Highlight your experience level with listed activities

Staff Handbook
Sign and Date

#6: Celebrate, Breath, Buy Yourself A Beer Because You're Done!!