River 'n' Ruins

Ages: 11 - 13

Dates: June 7 - 11 *This program ends on a Friday

Tuition: $1,225
Overnights: 4

Challenge Level:  

Deep in the canyons of Utah lies an entire ancient civilization where our Anasazi descendants resided centuries ago. Their cultural remnants have been discovered and preserved over the years, and left accessible to those eager to hike through the massive, remote canyons to find them. During this Telluride Academy program, we will spend our days hiking into prehistoric hidden pueblos, searching the red sands for old fragments of Native American pottery, and admiring the hundreds of petroglyphs etched into the towering rock walls. We will also spend a full day paddling our way down the San Juan River, where we will discover “The River House,” which is only accessible to those willing to brave its swift waters. A short distance from the shoreline are rock art panels dating back to the 1200s, and a two-story cliff dwelling that tells the story of how our ancestors survived in the rugged Southwest. These ruins are fascinating reminders of the strength, perseverance, and talents of these ancient cultures. Join us on this exciting new Rivers and Ruins program and embark on a unique and exciting adventure, while gaining new perspective on the people who dwelled in this land before us. 

General Program Schedule:
Monday: Meet and Greet! Meal plan for the week and hit the road for Bluff, Utah!
Tuesday: Explore the ancient Petroglyphs and Kivas of Butler Wash. Camp beneath massive cottonwoods.
Wednesday: Raft the San Juan with Wild Expeditions!
Thursday: Hike Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, search for ancient ruins. Camp at McPhee Reservoir.
Friday: Final beach party celebration at McPhee! Drive back to Telluride and say goodbye to your new friends.


*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first day of the program. Schedule subject to change.


*River trips are dependent on water levels, weather and ability

and are subject to change

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Rivers and Ruins
Rivers and Ruins

This is a SAMPLE itinerary from a previous summer. Specific activities will vary from year to year.

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