Paradox Rocks!

Ages: 12 - 14

Dates: July 5 - 9 *This program ends on a Friday

Tuition: $925
Overnights: 3

Challenge Level:  

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Paradox Rocks is a one-week celebration of our favorite gravity defying sport! We will spend the week climbing crags, deciphering boulder problems and setting up a variety of slacklines to help us with our breathing, focus, control and balance! We'll spend the first day of this program focusing on the basics. On Tuesday, we will hit the road on a triple overnight adventure out to the high desert. Here, we will climb to impressive heights as we scale rock walls and rappel ridges on the sandstone cliffs of Paradox. We will learn the ins and outs of setting up comfortable camps and the art of camp cooking. On our last evening together, we'll head over to Buckeye Reservoir to slackline by sunset, celebrate our new skills and rejoice in the wondrous adventures this region provides. Join your Academy instructors as they share their passion for play and adventure with you!
General Program Schedule:
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Week 1:

Monday - Friday: Triple overnight starting Tuesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.



This is a SAMPLE itinerary from a previous summer. Specific activities will vary from year to year.
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