Ages: 9 - 10
Dates: June 13 - 23

Tuition: $1,020
Overnights: 2

Challenge Level:  

Join the Solar Rangers for two weeks of adventures in sustainability! Led by specialist, Karl Topper PhD, students will explore solar and wind renewable energy sources in a variety of engaging, fun and experiential ways. Rangers will cook “s’mores ‘n’ more” using solar ovens of their own design, race solar cars, and explore the influence and intricacies of solar panels. Wind will be explored as students learn how turbine systems work through a series of experiments, including designing their own blades and using a series of windmills. Because we believe that a stimulated mind is an ACTIVE mind there will be daily outings and adventures on land and on water! Solar Rangers will authentically learn about integrated STEM practices as they explore and experiment as both an engineer and a scientist! 
General Program Schedule:
Week 1: 

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday


Week 2:

Monday - Thursday: Overnight on Wednesday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

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Solar Rangers Itinerary.jpg
Solar Rangers Itinerary.jpg
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