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Announcements and Updates  ​

2021 Telluride Academy Staff Training: June 1 - 5

Staff training is fast approaching! This is an INTENSE five days and we ask that you remain present, engaged, open-minded and energetic. Get sleep, eat well and stay hydrated! We will work hard to make it fun, educational and a valuable experience for you! We will also strive to finish each day as close to schedule as possible. Throughout training we will entertain you and let you run around! You will meet some great people and probably laugh a million times! Come prepared to step outside your bubble and prepare yourself for an incredible summer as an Academy instructor!


Important Logins

Drop Box

Username: @tellurideacademy.org​

Password: Academy53!!

Google Drive

Username: tellurideacademyinstructors@gmail.com

Password: TAinstructors22

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Staff Handbook & Addendums ​

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Staff Handbook

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Mountain Biking Manual

River 2.jpg

Boating Manual

climbing 6.jpg

Climbing Manual

Behavior Basics

Male / Female

Issued Gear

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Student Code of Conduct

Parent, Student and

Staff Communication

Age appropriate 

hiking trails

Popular Camping 



National Forest Service Permit

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Illium Guide


Gear Guide

Games, Activities, Ideas and Websites! ​

Telluride Scavenger Hunt (Difficult)

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Telluride Scavenger Hunt (Easy)

Science Themed

Award Template

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Activity Resources


activities and games

Science Themed

Award Template

Mountain Themed

Award Template

Great Games Websites

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GREEN DAY Resources

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Generation Wild

Association for

Experiential Education

National Inclusion


Children & Nature


Blank Itineraries

Blank Itinerary

Five Day

Blank Itinerary

Two Week

Blank Itinerary

Four Day

Incident / Accident Reports

Incident Report


Accident Report


Outfitter Waivers

Circle K Waiver

Telluride Crossfit



San Juan Llama Treks

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Old Sawmill Ranch


Redwood Llamas

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Telluride Fly Fishers

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Wild Expeditions

Maps....Don't Get Lost! 

Miramonte Res.

Wedding Site

Hanging Flume


Staff Training

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

End o' Summer


Pro Deals

WARNING! These pro deals are exclusively for Academy staff!
You are NOT to purchase items for friends or family.
You are NOT to try on merchandise locally and/or tell local retailers about our pro deal.
You ARE to purchase and enjoy to your hearts content!

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Click on logo to create your a personal account

Click on logo to create your a personal account

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2021 Bonus

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Continuing Education Account