Telluride Academy has been committed to offering “Adventures for All” for four decades. We were founded on the belief that access to the outdoors is not a privilege but rather an opportunity that every child should benefit from. As a Colorado non-profit organization, we work hard to provide an annual base of financial aid to our region’s most in-need families. Through a combination of grants, membership, trustees annual events, and individual donations from alumni and Academy families like you, we are able to support the following initiatives:


Tuition Assistance: Our tuition assistance program provides need-based financial assistance to hundreds of local families every year. This program exists to ensure that an Academy after-school or summer program is a reality for any family that seeks participation. Telluride Academy annually awards over $200,000 to nearly 300 students and is proud of a student body that is consistently made up of 40% regional students. We are proud to support our regions’ “work-force families and believe that our program diversity is one our strongest assets. Tuition Assistance is ALWAYS our greatest area of outreach and therefore our greatest area in need of support!  A donation of $500 sends a child to summer camp for a week. A $250 donation sponsors a local child in a 7-week after school rock climbing program!


Inclusion: “All Participate, All Belong”…the Academy defines Inclusion as the involvement and engagement of all participants, when possible, through the application of appropriate resources regardless of special needs. Children with cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities are not only welcome but encouraged to participate in Academy programming. Through the outreach and expertise of our Inclusion Director, families are provide an conduit to share best practices and strategies for their child’s success that can then be carried over into an Academy program. The Academy’s Inclusion fund helps to support these children primarily by providing “Buddies” that work one-on-one with a student throughout their Academy experience. This support allows children with special needs to play and learn alongside their peers in an inclusive and supportive environment. A donation of $1,000 provides “Buddy” support to a child for a full two-week Academy program!


All Play Scholarships: Every year we invite our regions teachers, mentors, coaches and youth organizations to nominate students that they work with for our “All Play” scholarship. Students are nominated on the basis of either a financial need and/or a social or developmental need. We want the “Academy Experience” to benefit the young people of our community that could most benefit from our programming model and believe that empowering the champions of our community to make these nominations ensures we are reaching out to all corners of our community.

Please consider donating to one of our campaigns to continue the Academy... and don't forget to always, adventure ON!


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