Trek 'n' Track

Ages: 9 - 10

Dates: July 2 - 5

Tuition: $550
Overnights: 2

Challenge Level:  

Scattered throughout the mountains of the Telluride area are remote and elusive creatures of the mountains and our Trekkers are on a mission to find them! Trek 'n' Trackers will pack their backpacks and begin their double overnight with a short trek into the backcountry to the High Camp Hut, once we have established our base camp students will learn to live simply. From here, we will travel light through the deep forests that surround us while learning to track small animals and birds. Additionally, our objectives as trackers will include route finding and safe backcountry travel. At night, our backcountry base camp will be the perfect place to tell stories and cook delicious mountain meals. Each day will play host to a small collection of special guests, life-science workshops and interactive lessons in navigation, tracking and survival skills. 
General Program Schedule:

Monday - Thursday: Double overnight begins on Tuesday 

*Packs provided for our short trek in to the High Camp Hut!



​*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first day of the program. Schedule subject to change.

This is a NEW Program!
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*NEW! All participants will receive Telluride Academy backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads while participating in this program! Gear will be used by instructors to teach proper packing techniques on the first day and will go home with students the night before their overnight backpacking trips. We ask that you bring an empty duffel bag on the morning of your overnights so your child's gear can be taken home easily at the end of the program.