Tres Rios

Ages: 12 - 14

Dates: June 12 - 23

Tuition: $1,380
Overnights: 6

Challenge Level:  

Colorado’s high alpine snowpack is melting and the Three Rivers are rising! Tres Rios is a new “staycation” adventure program designed to take eager river rats on a rafting road-trip to many of our backyard waterways for both single and multi-day paddling expeditions. We will begin with some flat-water sessions and a moving water workshop to familiarize ourselves with paddling techniques, river terminology and safety procedures. Then it's off to the rivers...


Rio Uno:
We will start with the snaking turns and constant rush of the San Miguel River as it passes through Norwood Canyon. This wilderness style stretch of river will have us paddling below towering ponderosa pines trees in the bottom of an impressive river canyon.

Rio Dos:
Next we are off to the desert sandstones of the Hanging Flume. Here the waters of the Dolores River merge with the San Miguel and will take us on a historic journey back into the past.

Rio Tres:
Our final aquatic adventure will be a multi-day paddle adventure down the mighty Colorado River through Ruby Horse-Thief Canyon. This deep desert section of the Colorado will take us from Colorado to Utah as we navigate 25 river miles aboard rafts, duckies and SUP boards. Our afternoons and evenings will be spent on side hikes, lounging on white sand beaches, swimming in cool waters, creating backcountry meals, enjoying desert sunsets and expansive starry skies. River Trippers’ will finish this program with a deeper understanding and preparedness for self-support style river journeys and an appreciation for the timeless adventure known as the River Trip
General Program Schedule:
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Week 1:
Monday - Thursday:
Double Overnight starting on Tuesday


Week 2:
Monday - Friday:
Four Overnights starting on Monday

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.


*River trips are dependent on water levels, weather and ability  and are subject to change



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Week 1 
Week 2
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