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Telluride Academy Trustees are the Angels of our Organization! Trustees commit to an annual donation between $2,500 & $10,000 for 5 years. Trustees may earmark their contributions to an existing Academy initiative (ex. Tuition Assistance, Inclusion to support children with special needs, Internship program to train future Academy Instructors) or any other area of interest including support earmarked for a specific program (ex our after-school programs). Trustees may also elect to deposit their annual contribution into the Academy’s Endowment Fund for the Future. Established in 1996 by a group of dedicated Academy Parents, our endowment fund supports the long-term financial health of our non-profit organization. Academy Board of Directors decides the best use of endowment funds.

Over the years, endowment funds have been used to….

  • Secured United States Forest Service permits providing wild places for our students to explore (2006)

  • Loaned funds for a down payment allowing us to purchase a commercial condominium/Administrative office. This loan  provided us time to conduct a successful capital campaign. Upon completion of the capital campaign, monies loaned were paid back to the endowment (2011).

  • Support the Academy’s mission of Inclusion for every child by supporting our tuition assistance fund should annual fundraising goals not cover this need in a given year (ongoing)                 


If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact the Academy at info@tellurideacademy.org or by phone 970.728.5311.


Sara & Paul Steinfeld
Joel Cantor and Shannon Spellman
Gene Weil & Katherine Borsecnik 
Peter Waldor & Jody Miller
Jay & Rebecca Markley
Tristin & Martin Mannion
Casey & Megan McManemin 
Halle & Casey Cane
The Shasha Family
Lara Lohr
Tracy & Scott Lee
Casey Agron
Hannah Richman & Jason Slosberg
Matt & Doraliza Ragland
Sarah & Thomas Cyphers
The Barth Family
Tim Gallagher and Alexis Krivkovich
The Jennifer Crowell Gilliland Fund
The Trusedale family
The Kirkendoll Family
The Schwartz Family
The Werner Family
The Gerardi Family
The Grifo Family
The Bentley Family 
The Soules Family 
The Queen Family 
The Newby Family`
The White Family
Martin Reinfried & Family

Past Trustees

Stuart & Joanna Brown, Rebecca Dant, Laura & Thad Avery, Steven & Deborah Rosenthal, Paul & Christine Reich, Annette & Jack Vaughn, Fallon & Robie Vaughn, Lindsey Walker,​​  JoAnn & John Weisel, Kimberly Williams, Carol & Barney Barnett, Tom & Ellen Bauch, Eileen Bermingham, Karen & Brian Conway, Barbara Crocker, Susan Saint James & Dick Ebersol, Bridget & Bruce Evans, Lisa & Bill Ford, Rex & Duval Fuqua​, Steven & Judy Gluckstern, Craig Jackman, Una Jackman, ​John Kirkendoll,​ Catherine McNamee & Chris Miller, ​Rona & Randy Nelson, Kate Phinny, Francesca & Sam Rehnborg, Popek family

Current Trustees