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Wildlife Whisperers

Ages: 10 - 12

Dates: June 24 - July 5 *No Academy on the 4th of July

Tuition: $1,250
Overnights: 4

Challenge Level:  

Wildlife Whisperers is the perfect camp for the kid who loves being outside and wants to know, "what's making that sound", "what kind of feather is this," or "what animal made that poop?" This program provides an introductory look into what goes on in our mountains when we aren't looking! During our first week, we’ll road trip down to Pagosa Springs to visit Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park. Here, we will learn about the wildlife in our Colorado ecosystems, help out with a service project, and see their animals up close and personal! During our second week, we’ll make a short trek into the San Juan Mountains to High Camp Hut. For two nights, we’ll live in this massive mountain lodge that is fully equipped with a kitchen, lounging areas, wood burning stoves, and cozy sleeping quarters. Here, we’ll hone in on the information we’ve learned and discover what types of wildlife can live above 11,000 feet! We’ll track our favorite animals, analyze their footprints, see their wild habitats, and watch them interact in nature! We will even learn some basic backcountry skills such as reading maps and compasses, which will help us in the future when we are out searching for wildlife on our own. You’ll leave this program with true knowledge of the wildlife that surrounds us and a better understanding of how animals live and survive!
Instructor: Brian Hayes
General Program Schedule:

Week 1:

Monday - Thursday: Double Overnight on Tuesday

Week 2:

Monday - Friday: Double Overnight on Monday

*No Academy on the 4th of July

*Students are required to supply themselves with a backpack for their backpacking double overnight during week 2.  Packs can be rented or purchased using the link on the right. 

*A detailed itinerary will be available on the first
day of the program. Schedule subject to change.


This is a NEW program!
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